Table Ordering

How to set-up Order to Table in the admin dashboard.

Order to table

To set up Order to table in the admin dashboard please log into the admin panel and go to Dashboard > Restaurants & Stores > Select Store. Once the restaurant's page has been reached you will need to check the order to table for this feature to become active and save the page.

Convenient ordering system

On the same page please scroll to the top and select table times. We can define a storeopening time on a day-by-day basis by adding the time segments.

Customer orders made securely via your app

The next step for this functionality to define the table numbers for the location VIA the tablestab. Each table will need to be assigned a name/number and the number of seats. Please makesure that the active tab has been selected.If the location has a large number of consecutive tables we can use the mass table generator toallow for x numbers of tables to be created at once.

How to view Order to Table on the apps

Once the configuration in the admin panel has been complete this can be viewed on the apps and website.

Entering the app will allow the user to select Order to table which will click through to multiple locations (if applicable). The user will then select the location needed and can begin to build the order.

Once the order has been built the user will progress to the basket screen to confirm what table they are at. From here the order process would be to pay on the device then the restaurant would accept the order similar to a collection and delivery order. The receipt will have the relevant table number at the top to confirm.

NOTES: By default the table ordering does not accept cash orders. This can be changed if required. Text changes can be selected at the business > manage business level from 'Order to your table' to 'Order to your Seat' or 'Order to your Room' for room service.