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Why choose EatDirect?

At EatDirect, you get your own branded, personalised platform. Your customers belong to you alone – we never put our branding above yours. Keep the money you make, as this platform is commission-free. Once you've paid your fees, there's nothing else to pay!

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EatDirect lets you have full control of your food business, while paying zero commission.

  • We will setup and customise your app for you

  • Convenient ordering system

  • Customer orders made securely via your app

  • EatDirect give you greater control

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3 months commitment

Easy set-up and customisation

Your customised website and app should look and feel like it’s truly yours. This means – your branding, your message, your menu, and your pricing!

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Convenient ordering systems

Receive orders on a printer or by email. Once we've created your customised system, we'll provide full training.

Customer orders made securely via your app

We use simple, proven, and safe processes to protect your customers' order transactions at all times. Customers can now make fast and secure payments each time they choose to EatDirect with you.

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EatDirect give you greater control

In-built customer database

Stay in touch with your customers. When you take their orders, your EatDirect system will capture their email to enable you to send special offers and promos. This system can also target your customers by their food preference or location.

These customers and their data are yours.

Supporting locations you target

Does your business operate in multiple locations? If so, EatDirect helps you point customers to the nearest branch of your business – and reach them via location marketing.

Direct transactions made easy

Once your EatDirect system has been built, we'll walk you through all aspects of your payment gateway. It’s quick and crazy easy to use.

When you receive your payments, EatDirect will ensure:

  • Your payments are sent to the bank account of your choice quickly and reliably
  • Zero commission is deducted
  • Your monthly EatDirect fee is fixed, regardless of how many orders you take.