Become an EatDirect Ambassador

Have you got a zest for selling, enjoy grasping opportunities and would love to earn money by helping local businesses? Then join the EatDirect Ambassador programme. It's free, easy to get started and is backed by a fantastic commission scheme.

Why EatDirect?

The best part of our Ambassador programme is it provides incredible value to both you, and those you sign up. We created EatDirect specifically to help local Restaurants and Takeaways serve their customers online and keep more money in their pockets! And that mission is more important now than ever.

What's in it for you?

As an EatDirect Ambassador you will earn commission for new sign ups and be paid a retainer for your client base on a monthly basis. That's right. You can create your own passive income.

We offer an incredibly generous 30% commission with the opportunity to exponentially increase your earnings.

Here's a breakdown of what you could earn if you signed up 20 new clients per month.

Month 1

20 sign ups

  • Total: £600
Month 2

20 sign ups

  • Total £1200
Month 3

20 sign ups

  • Total: £1800
Month 4


  • before you've made a single new sign up!

(you receive commission each month for all clients with a current subscription)

To learn more about our Ambassador programme just fill in the form below