Take Control of Your Online Presence

Features that help your food and beverage business succeed online


Fully branded order-taking website and app

Build a tailored website and mobile app that complements your business


Full control over menus and pricing

Manage, edit and publish your online menus easily


Orders direct to your printer or existing EPOS

Work seamlessly with orders going straight to your order management system or EPOS


Location-aware marketing tools

Promote your business on any zip code and learn which ones generate the most orders


Built-in promotions and loyalty incentives

Introduce special offers and incentives on your website or mobile app


Secure, one-touch payment technology

Allow payment through quick and trusted solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay

Get Customers Ordering

ZERO set-up fee. ZERO commission. Launch special — $100/month $50/month

Enable your customers to easily order from your menu and pay online with EatDirect – a powerful online food-ordering system, complete with a mobile app, and your digital waiter.

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